Lots of Turtle Released at the Pemandian Tawun of Ngawi

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Lots of Turtle Released at the Pemandian Tawun of Ngawi The Mayor of Ngawi released several turtles at Pemandian Tawun Ngawi. (Picture by: Ardian Febri Tri Handoko/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESBONDOWOSO, NGAWI – As to conserve the turtle existence the local government of Ngawi released some fresh water turtle to the Pemandian Tawun, a public bath at Kasreman, Ngawi, East Java on Monday (17/11/2019).

These turtles are considered as endangered species. It has also become main consideration why the local government put these turtle at this place.

As to the Pemandian Tawun, the turtle also will give them a huge benefit. Its now has become one new attraction at Tawun that will surely hook the visitors' heart once they visit this place.

Right on Sunday where there is a people's market on this area, The Mayor of Ngawi Budi Sulistyono together with several graduates of Smalaba Senior high released around 35 turtle to the pool.

"I named this one minulegi (Sweet Sunday). I named you as the name of today to commemorate my friends' visit to this place. I hope you could breed in this place and live for a long time," The Mayor said.

Still according to him, beside attending the turtle released ceremony, his friends also coming to this area to visit several tourist destination in Ngawi such as the Pemandian Tawun (Tawun public bath), Srambang and Van De Bosch Castle. He also took his friend to go around the people's market to look for ancient things. (*)

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