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Take a Glance at The Beautiful Ambience of Majalengka at Night Pulau Lalu Lintas or Traffic Island in Majalengka at night. (Photo: Jaja Sumarja/ TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESBONDOWOSO, MAJALENGKAMajalengka, one of the districts in East Java seems like giving a never-ending pleasure to their community through their tourist attractions. This time, this beautiful city trying to take you to enjoy their beautiful night ambience through Pulau Lalu Lintas or Traffic Island.

This place is one cheap tourist destinations to visit tin this city. Cheap? Yes, because to get in to this place you don’t need to buy a ticket or spend some amount of money. Yet, you will get the marvellous city night ambience with the glimmering light surrounding the place.

This place is not the only place the local government built to pamper their community. There are three others same design places scattered in three different corners of the city. This place has just been built in the early of the year, and now has become the local communities’ favourite place to hang out.

They appreciate much towards the government effort to give them a good nice and comfy place for them to spend their leisure time. “We are so happy that the government grants us such this beautiful park,” Dudung, a local community said on Saturday (11/7/2020).

Meanwhile Head of Development for Public Works and Spatial Planning of Majalengka Mamat Rahmat said that Pulau Lalu Lintas  which gives the city a beautiful ambience at night was built as a street median or separates opposing lanes of traffic on divided roadways. “The main function will be to secure to area and increase the traffic safety line and divide the road,” he said. (*)

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