4 Tricks to Make Your Mukena Smell Nice and Mould Free

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4 Tricks to Make Your Mukena Smell Nice and Mould Free A graceful mukena world by a lovely lady. (Credit to: Instagram @xolovelyayana)

TIMESBONDOWOSO, JAKARTA – A clean and nice smell mukena will be the most comfortable outfit for your pray. However sometimes your mukena (women praying clothes for muslim) smells so bad even if you just took it from your cupboard.

Meanwhile, mould could be one of the problem that cause those smells. This could be those humidity issue you have in your house. Or could be some other reasons. Anyway, we have several tips for you to keep your mukena smell nice all the time and mould free.

1. Make sure you dry your face properly after wudu'

Some women sometimes will just let their face wet after taking wudu (ritual of cleansing some part of the body before praying). This is such a bad habit since it could leave your mukena a chance of getting mould and smell unpleasant.

2. Hang it back in your closet

Do not fold it, hang it back in your closet is a better way to avoid those unpleasant smell or mold coming to your mukena. Make sure you arrange your items on your closet in distance.

3. Wash it once a week

As you wash your bedding once a week it's a good for you to wash your mukena as well once in a week. This to make sure your mukena clean and mould free.

4. Get another one

Keep using the same mukena after being dried is such a sensitive thing you do to your mukena. You will make your mukena look old by using it over and over. You better get another mukena (women praying clothes) and use it consecutively one to another.

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